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Ocean Colour Scene's 8th album, On the Leyline is simply their best album since Marchin' Already. There are genuine classics on this album, songs that stand alongside OCS's best. "On the Leyline, Waiting", "Man in the Middle", "I Just got Over You" and the supreme "Go to Sea" are passionate rock songs. More importantly, they let Steve Cradock and his guitar roar. Not since Moseley Shoals or Marchin' Already has he so freely and consistently riffed & licked from one song to the next, it's a total joy to hear.

Like their pals Oasis, it's also positive to note that the traditional scribe, Simon Fowler is sharing the burden of song writing with Cradock and Dan Sealey, who arguably contribute the best rock tunes.

The second half of the album slows things down, with more subtle and thoughtful folk tinted songs. While some may be dissapointed to hear the album take such a change in style, there is still enough quality here to please those with patience. "Don't Get Me" is a stunner, it's a beautiful, innocent song and "Mr Brown" with a catchy calypso vibe is followed by the upbeat "Two Lovers". "Daylight" is a dissapointing ending but overall fans should be delighted to hear OCS finding inspiring form.

On the Leyline is not the full blown Rock album many fans were expecting but it still provides enough energy and strength to satisfy the Cradock worshippers, while slipping in a few upbeat and mellow accoustic numbers to create another eclectic OCS album.

The Downstream Rating: 8/10

News Shopper by Helen Backway

"The 13-track album is certainly very listenable with a mix of rock, folk and ballady tracks which grew on me after a few plays."

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News Shopper Rating: 6/10

The Sun by CS

" COME on, give OCS a break. The Brummies have suffered far too much derision since Moseley Shoals gave them their glorious Britpop day in the sun back in ’96.

Now, at last, they’ve delivered a sharp, sure-footed album worthy of critical rehab, still shamelessly retro but consistently enjoyable all the same.

Weirdly, the departure of bassist Damon Minchella to, of all things Paul Weller and supergroup The Players. seems to have propelled them to a more adventurous, more rewarding space.

Single I Told You So is a pure slice of sixties jangle-pop while Man In The Middle has widescreen ambition. The Kinksy Mr Brown typifies the summery feel to the album’s later songs.

The OCS road has been long and rocky but On The Leyline suggests a smoother, brighter future.

Quoted from The Sun Newspaper, 27.04.07.

Sun Rating: 8/10

The Sunday Mail by Avril Cadden

"This album, released on their own Moseley Shoals Records, sounds like a band having fun doing exactly what they want. And it works. The mix is good, you don't get bored and the songs stand out. The guitar work of Steve Cradock is outstanding, especially on the rockier numbers, I Told You So and On The Leyline, Waiting. Mr Brown is about Chancellor Gordon, For Dancers Only was written by Paul Weller, and Two Lovers sounds Beatles-esque. The slower songs such as I Just Got Over You are beautiful moments, while Go To Sea is simply a killer song. Buy it. "

Quoted from The Sunday Mail Newspaper, 29.04.07.

The Sunday Mail: 8/10

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