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Simon Fowler interview with the Rewind Podcast - 21st July '10

Simon Fowler was recently interviewed by Rewind Podcast. It's a pretty cool podcast with music by some decent up and coming bands, Simon's interview is around the 20:00 minute mark and covers the bands past, present and future plans.

On a side note, thedownstream is being re-developed and I'm hoping to publish articles by fans about anything OCS related, so if you are interested in becoming a guest writer (one off or permanent), please email Steve at, thanks!

Simon Fowler at the Unsigned Song Contest Live Showcase

Simon Fowler is performing at the Unsigned Song Contest Live Showcase at Colston Hall on 27th May. It will feature an intimate acoustic performance from Foxy. More details can be found at

New Video & OCS Update - 11th November '07

OCS BBC RadioBeen a while since this site has been updated with Videos or Reviews but you can find an acoustic performance of "I Wanna Stay Alive with You" by Foxy & Craddock from BBC Radio. You can also view this video in the Downstream 2007 music video section.

"Go to Sea Boy" will be available as a FREE single download 12th Nov '07 from the official OCS site. Dissapointing there wont be any further push by the band but I suppose it's better than nothing!

On the Leyline In-house Review - 10th May '07

OCS BadgeThe in-house review is now online in the album reviews for On the Leyline. If you agree or disagree with me, feel free to email me your thoughts ;P.

If anybody connected to the band reads this, PLEASE RELEASE GO TO SEA AS A SINGLE! Yes it's 5 minutes long and radio's don't like long singles but so what? It's the best song on the album and the radio rarely plays the new singles anyway! Go with your instincts, grow some balls and take a chance ffs!


On the Leyline - Album Reviews - 2nd May '07

OCS Spliff ManThe first batch of album reviews for Ocean Colour Scene's latest effort, On the leyline, are now added!

Thanks to a few fans on the official OCS forum for spotting the newspaper snippets. If anybody else notices such labours, feel free to email me! Expect the first in-house review up sometime next week.

"It's My Shadow" (Live) Added - 27th March '07

OCS Badge"It's My Shadow" is now added to the video directory. A big fan favourite and one of OCS's best album songs. (If anybody can confirm when this was recorded, please let me know!)

OCS will be playing V-festival this summer, as well as T in the Park, so hopefully there will be lots and lots of great videos to find there way here over the coming months!

2 New OCS Videos Added - 15th March '07

OCS Spliff ManTwo more OCS videos have been added to the video directory. Firstly "You've Got it Bad" recorded at the Roadmender in 2004. There is also a classic performance of "The Riverboat Song" from '96. Thanks to Al and Andrew!

Also worth mentioning the recent youtube legal issue brought on by viacom (owners of MTV & VH1), who are sueing youtube for allowing clips of their material to be shown. This is a bit crap for us fans who just wanna see our boys kickin arse live but hopefully they can sort things out!

In the meantime you may have noticed "Song of a Baker" (which was taken from MTVs 5-night stand) was unfortunately removed by youtube (no doubt related to this legal battle). I'll post here once an alternative is found.

Album Reviews Extended - 6th March '07

OCS BadgeThe Ocean Colour Scene Album Reviews section has been extended to list reviews from the following;

These are in addition to the current collection of reviews for Moseley Shoals and OCS's debut record. If you find anymore reviews for ANY OCS album by a professional reviewer, please forward the details to our contact page.

Site Launched! - 2nd March '07

OCS BadgeThe site has been launched under the newly registered domain name. Content is limited at the moment but in time I hope to turn the downstream into the best place for OCS fans to go, when in need of a OCS multi-media fix;).

There is also an album review section, this might not offer anything new over existing OCS websites but I hope to display the info in a more useful manner.

If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve the downstream, please visit the contact page. Otherwise, if you find any good album reviews online, please send me the link and of course - if you have good video footage of OCS live, please email me!

Thanks, Steve.