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Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

"By the point they released their sixth studio album, North Atlantic Drift, in late summer 2003, it seemed like only the faithful would care, which is too bad, because it's the best record they've done in a long time. [...] Here, the tone is brighter and the sound is subtly, appealingly layered, while the band displays not only a willingness to stretch out (the extended coda on the closer, "When Evil Comes," is suitably atmospheric), but a renewed vigor in songwriting."

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Allmusic Rating: 8/10

Gigwise by Jamie Bowman

"The riffs and harmonies are still as comfortably worn as a pair of old Gazelles and only new single 'I Just Need Myself' shows any sign of exuberance, with its soaring feedback driven chorus."

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Gigwise Rating: 6/10

NoRipcord by Peter Mattinson

"I always sort of admired their shameless retro approach which so angered so many, and nothing's changed on that front - they still draw heavily from the sound of mid-60's Mod and the Heavy Soul sound Paul Weller took as his own."

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NoRipcord Rating: 5/10

RollingStone by John Dugan

"Steve Cradock's R&B-soaked riffs and stylized vintage guitar sonics remain magnetic and Simon "Foxy" Fowler's passionate crooning retains its own brand of allure."

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RollingStone Rating: 6/10

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