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Allmusic by Stephen Thomas Erlewine

"Like every record they've recorded since their trad rock makeover on their second album, 1996's Moseley Shoals, Hyperactive is a tasteful, well-crafted, earnest collection of classicist rock"

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Allmusic Rating: 6/10

BBC by Dan Tallis

"[...] while the Birmingham modsters' seventh studio album is not as instantly commercially accessible as their breakthrough second offering Moseley Shoals, it is certainly a return to form."

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BBC Rating: N/A

OneWayMagazine by Dead Truitt

"OCS dabbles in all the elements that make them great: psychedelic grooves, driving guitars, ethereal vocals, and stellar pop songwriting. From the opening blast of “Everything Comes at the Right Time,” the band grabs the listener’s ear and never lets go."

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OneWayMagazine Rating: N/A

PitchFork by Adam Moerder

"Occasionally their zeal pays off. "Free My Name" impeccably emulates the Spector sound and Fowler's got the pipes to pull off a respectable Motown howl. The cover of George Harrison's "Wha Wha" shows good taste, but (sigh) overeager beefy guitars and stadium-sized drumming detract from the luscious vocal hook."

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Pitchfork Rating: 5.5/10

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